Meeting Minutes – December 2018

7-8.30pm, Thursday 6th December 2018

Welcome, introductions & apologies

Present: JD, PE, MP, CS, SMcM, MK, JOHN, TM, JG, LB, DF, IB, CS and Liz Whitehead, Salford City Council

Apologies from Darren Miller

Action Log

  • LB to email Ann Rose re. Container café to get an update
  • Liz to get quote for painting the railings
  • Carry over actions from last meeting
  • Catriona to check if Scott Fitzgerald can help with the sculptures
  • Pete to install water bowls on a chain outside the children’s playarea
  • Aaron to go ahead with securing the domain name for the Friends webpage and email address
  • AGM – Lindsay to check with Claremont Tennis Club if it’s available on 6th our 13th April 2019


  • Grow Well bid – for wild flower seed, create more wild flower areas, SCC to do prep work to match fund. Bid to also include making bird and bat box, bug hotel, nature programme and booking people to come in to lead activities – Cat leading on this with support from Ian B
  • Sports Court’s Refurbishment – Liz gave an update on tennis court refurb, the  design has been drawn up based on consultation carried out by the group, will need over 100k match funding, Liz to source funding puts, and access neighbourhoods teams and bid would need to come from us, 75k from section 106 monies. Go to tender on tennis courts project and then have price, going to tender in New Year
  • Need master plan for 2019 priorities, the group will meet in the New Year, and then will meet with Liz in February. Liz to bring a year planner and we can scribble our plans, events and funding ideas on it and what we’d like to do
  • Liz to send checklist of green flag criteria of what we need in Lightoaks for it to become a green flag park. Green waste area would need to be looked at
  • Liz to get cost of painting the summer shed for Annie, just waiting for a quote to come back and take it from there
  • Liz to get a price for the railings around the duck pond area to be painted


  • Final preparations were discussed for the Christmas Cracker event on Sunday 9th December
  • Pete has made the reindeer family and a snowman for display
  • Chris had made the Santa outfit
  • Keenan’s have donated 37 bottles of mulled wine
  • The Rotary Club will be attending and giving out children’s books and will also bring some mince pies
  • A donation will be made to the Music Shed for the PA system and microphones
  • The running order for the performances was confirmed
  • John to choose 6 songs for the candle lit carols service and let Lindsay know to put a play list together on Spotify
  • All to meet at the summer shed at 12 noon on Sunday to set up, agreed need to have refreshments stall set up as a priority to start serving at 2.30 of people are about
  • Tickets needed for the Santa’s grotto – ask Councillors to sell the tickets
  • Pricing was agreed. Lindsay to send notices for the event over to Aaron to print and laminate
  • Need to have separate envelopes for the takings for that event to get a clear breakdown of income against expenditure
  • Liz to see if we can borrow the big bell for Santa


  • Rose bush – delivery will be on Friday 7th December, planting will take place on Sunday 16th December and bulbs will be put in at the same time
  • Fruit Orchard – tree’s due to arrive soon, need to dig the tree pits ready for their arrival
  • Maintenance plan to be plotted in January on the year planner – this will need to take the wild flower area development into account and we may need to do full days at certain points in the year


  • Work out how much we’ve spent on the Xmas event so we can set the prices.
  • Costs for the Christmas event approx. £350, need to set prices to cover the outgoings and hopefully make some profit
  • June is to become an auditor of the accounts and will meet in the New Year with Sam and Lindsay to ensure a system is in place and accounts are ready for the AGM in April
  • Ensure we have a clear breakdown of takings from all events, summer event 2018 breakdown was very detailed


  • Grow Well bid – in process, deadline Monday 10th December, Cat to keep the group updated
  • Christmas Cracker – good opportunity to raise funds, need to keep a clear breakdown of all income from the event

Publicity / Communications

  • Salford Radio – Chris to contact with details of our Christmas event
  • Yes to journalists student doing report – Lindsay to respond
  • Need a publicity officer in the group who can do a publicity plan for all events


  • Remind members of the constitution and the group ethos is about positivity and working in partnership
  • Debbie met with Dave to start painting the railings at front of the duck pond
  • Agreement to all pay £1 for membership at the next AGM
  • Installation of the poppies, Liz requested that the group are not to put screws in the trees for future and to use an alternative way of fixing things to trees

Date of next meeting – Thursday 3rd January, 7pm at the Vine Café – Annual Planning Meeting