Meeting Minutes – February 2018

7-8.30pm, Thursday 7th February 2019 @ the Vine Café

Present: JD, JG, LB, AC, IB, MK, TM, DF, CS, JN, MK, IB, MP,

Apologies: SMcM, DM, PE, CS

Introductions: Liz Whitehead (LW), Salford City Council Action Log/minutes

Minutes accepted as a true record.

Separate meeting to be set up for the Grow Well funding bid to plan the program of activities, JD to confirm a date with CS and circulate this asap.

  • Liz Whitehead, Salford City Council – 2019 Projects, Events, Maintenance discussion
  • LW is happy with the group’s annual calendar as a visual aid to help with planning the meetings, volunteer sessions and events for 2019.


  • Grow Well – the funding from CVS has been approved for a program of nature themed events, we need a separate group to look at planning of the annual events, John to send around date to meet in the next week or so
  • Bird box live stream – IB to send LW the species of the tree for SCC to have a look at, LW happy for us to trial it, kit provided by ISP and AC has been in contact with RSPB to discuss the idea which can now be explored further.
  • Entrance border on park lane – group had a discussion about the border. A suggestion was made to use the logs in the park rather than use a fixed fence as a border, will check at the volunteers session this weekend.
  • Calendar competition – this has been launched, each month will have a theme and the winning entry will be used to go into a FLP calendar for 2020. We have received lots of entries for January’s theme which was winter in the park. Shortlisted pics have been selected and voting is now taking place via Facebook. The theme for February is Love in Lightoaks.


  • AGM – we’re flexible if they are able to get volunteers for another date, preferably on a weekend in spring
  • Great British Spring Clean – LW to support where necessary, group need to confirm litter pick up points, SCC will provide recycle bags, AC to do a poster, meeting point to be confirmed as tut event is on a Sunday.
  • Dawn chorus walk – CS has found a contact from in SCC who can lead a can chorus walk and has provisionally booked him. Group agreed do refreshments, use Eventbrite for tickets, max 25 people, booked Stuart Fraser. LW asked about bird tables? All agreed this would be a good idea. Check if PE could make some and they be installed well before the event. CS to get plans and LW agreed to get the blacksmith to install them. Give out seed to sell after the bird walk.
  • Wild About Salford Summer Family Fun Day – ran through the plans for the event and the group agreed to work with LW to explore sculptures for the park which could be launched/promoted at the event rather than have a sculpture demonstration on the day as this would not be practical due to health and safety and noise. IB to keep details of the tree sculpture contact with a view to possibly doing something with the fallen beach tree rather than individual animal sculptures. LW agreed that SCC would cover the costs of having the sculptures installed in the park.
  • Fun run – Tim to lead on this event. Need to get in touch with Greg from Park run, contact SCL can they give prizes? LW to get costs for marked stumps for measured runs around the park with a view to these being installed before the fun run.


  • LW to get costs to clear the drains in 3 problem areas – in front of the summer shed, Durham road entrance and opposite the picnic lawn junction where large puddles/mud gathers
  • LW suggested we can let her know of jobs coming up on our volunteer days and to see if grounds maintenance can help with anything
  • Tatton Park flower show – need to put dates on the calendar in case there are donations we could use in the park and to ensure Perle are available to collect this and plant them in the park.
  • Finance – Treasurer Report
  •  Lindsay updated the group on the groups accounts – all banking records are  up to date with a positive balance showing on the bank account.
  • JD suggested the group think of ideas of where to spend some of the funds in the park eg. Something to mark the centenary year in the park in 3 years. AC suggested visits to other parks to get ideas could be useful.
  • Publicity / Communications
  • Posters needed for the Great British Spring Clean campaign in April – AC agreed to look into and also the Dawn Chorus Walk in May – CS has mocked up a poster and will look into getting it produced
  • All agreed that the new social media channels for the group had been a success – we now have Twitter and Instagram with the support from AC leading on this.
  • Fundraising
  • Community Committee bid to be submitted for the summer event.
  • CVS volunteering fund to be applied to for the community picnic in June to mark National Volunteers Week.
  • A.O.B
  • Painting the summer shed – LW to chase up again.
  • Container café –  LW to chase up the couple, LB to provide details.
  • Green Flag info – LW provided details on what is expected, we can discuss this further at the next meeting.
  • Date of next meeting – Thursday 7th March, 7pm at the Vine Café