Meeting Minutes – November 2018

Welcome, introductions & apologies

Present: LB, SM, NR, PE, IB, MP, TM, MK, JN, DF, JG, JD, DM

Apologies: Catriona Swanson

Welcome to new member John Nichols

 Matters arising from Action Log:

  • Still 2 bins down, at Durham Rd entrance and Moorville Road. Lindsay to ask Liz about the outstanding bins and check if the job is finished
  • Thanks to Neil for the progress made with the drains although we acknowledge this is a temporary solution that’s been achieved
  • Neil to ask urban vision what the long term plan is with the drains
  • Lindsay to get an update from Ann and Geoff on the container café and if Annie Surtees has given permission for them to get their own quote for the work needed to install the container in the park
  • Lindsay to check if more places available for the Heart of Salford Awards and let group know if available
  • Darren to confirm with Buile Hill High school we’d like their singing group/band to perform at the Christmas event


  • Catriona to check if Scott Fitzgerald can help with the sculptures?
  • Chris to give update about the reindeer sculptures
  • Adopt a bed project to be put back into the New Year, is this something Lightoaks School could get involved with?
  • Lindsay to check with Liz Green if we can get some anti-graffiti paint for the summer shed
  • Lindsay to check with Liz if we can do the gable end the same as the Friends logo?
  • Fruit Orchard  – trees due to arrive soon for phase 2, need to dig the tree pits ready for their arrival
  • Pete to install water bowls on a chain for dogs outside of the children’s play area


Christmas Cracker:

  • Ask Music Shed if can use their PA
  • Elliot to put play list together
  • Ask Anthony about his nativity scene and if we can use this for the Christmas Cracker event
  • All to collect jars and Pringle tubes for candles and tombola
  • Lindsay to check if the Great Christmas Get Together have funding available again that we can apply for and if not, approach the rotary Club to help with selection boxes
  • Source and buy lights for trees
  • Next event planning meeting 15th Nov in Vine if available


  • Debbie and some other park users to start painting the railings on Saturday 11th November at the front of the pond
  • Rose bed – Ian to lead on this, rose bushes to be planted and bulbs to go in too
  • Lindsay to ask Marie Shields about community payback team painting the remainder of the railings around the pond
  • John (new group member) to carry out low level gardening work in the park behind his house as a member of the group and under the remit of the groups maintenance, advised to wear the fluorescent bib when doing work as a Friends volunteer in the park


  •  Ian to give Sam receipts to refund him for tools purchased
  • Sam to give the pop up café takins raised to Lindsay to be banked


  • Separate group to meet in the New Year to decide about projects for 2019 which need funding and that we will need to apply for

Publicity / Communications

  • Noticeboard – John to take down posters, needs updating with next 3 months dates for meetings and events
  • Event details and meeting details in On Your Doorstep magazine, Lindsay to send Susie details for January to March to go in the magazine
  • Deb to get poster for noticeboard to promote that Six Cut pizza in Monton is dog friendly
  • Group confirmed that they are happy for Aaron to go ahead with securing the domain name for the Friends webpage and email address


  • AGM – need to decide date and book venue – 6th, 13th April Lindsay to check with the tennis club if they can accommodate the group
  • Cornwall course – no takers from the meeting for the course on 9th November. Interest in the next course that will be in September 2019.
  • Neil to discuss with St Luke’s School on what they would like from the park

Date of next meeting – Thursday 6th December, 7pm at the Vine Café