Meeting Minutes – October 2018

Friend of Lightoaks Park Minutes

Present : LB, SM, PE, MP, NR, CS, AR, BR, JD, JG, DF

Thursday 4th October, 7pm at the Vine Café

  • Poppies  – John printed off a sample of the poppies to show the group that well be displayed in the park. John will get 50 poppies printed off to attach to trees in the park.
  • Neil to get info on people from the local area to be displayed in the park with the poppies
  • June to give Neil the full name of her relative for Neil to look up
  • Lindsay to ask Christine Howard about trees being planted in the parks to commemorate the end of the ww1
  • Memorial bench – Debbie to get an update
  • Litter bins – Moorville bin has been removed and there is now lots more litter gathering
  • Lindsay to get an update from  Liz green on the bin replacement plans
  • Sports Court’s Refurbishment  – Neil will get an update from SCC as all the consultation with the community has been submitted
  • Drains – Urban Vision have been to the park and seems to have fixed the problem with the drains, grids near the pond. Just need replacement grid cover and the barriers to be removed – Neil will check outstanding work with urban vision
  • Café update – Ann and Geoff Rose came to the meeting to give an update and show the group some pics of the container the have sourced. SCC have been out to the park to check on water supply and electricity to power the café. No further need from SCC. Lindsay will contact the Ranger team to all about the next steps. Ann and Geoff will put a timetable together and hope to open the café by Easter 2019
  • Social – date to be put back to January
  • Heart of Salford Awards nomination for the group and a nomination for Lindsay!!  Enquire about group members to see if they are able to come along to the Heart of Salford Awards, Lindsay will contact CVS to enquire about 10 additional places
  • Bulbathon event – do we have enough trowel? Check with Darren if we have more trowels in the summer shed
  • John to get pop up café stock, hot and cold drinks, biscuits and cakes to sell. Lindsay to be at the pop up café on Sunday during the event
  • Christmas event – plans are not coming along and time is passing. There will be a planning meeting at John’s on Tuesday 9th Oct 8pm for the Christmas event. Lindsay is waiting to hear back from MAPAS about their brass band and choir. Lightoaks choir may be able to perform. Neil will ask St. Lukes if they have a choir who could perform too. John to ask Ian peacock about voices of the vine choir and Elim Church involvement with the event.
  • Maintenance:
  • Duck pond railings, Lindsay will speak to Marie Shields about applying for community payback
  • Next season will focus on your duck pond
  • A.O.B:
  • Rough Sleeper in the park – Lindsay to ask the rough sleeper team for basic  wording for an info patter to stick in the alcove of the summer shed
  • Sculptures – can we commission somebody to do a sculpture for us? Catriona will speak to Jill Dyson about her contacts
  • RHS  – they have so many volunteers, could volunteers be signposted to local friends groups, Lindsay to speak to Claire from RHS to enquire
  • Adopt a bed project – need to develop some information that can be shared and target groups
  • Facebook pages – Catriona and Sam to be added as page admin